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Cellophane Sweetie Bags - Pack of 100 (with expanding sides) Approx size: 7.5 x 4.5 x 20cms. ..
Carboxymethylcelulose Kneed into rollout icing to make it firmer for modeling etc Starting guide amount is a rounded tea spoon to 250g(or a flat teaspoon to 125g) - then adjust to your personal prefrence... ..
Egg White (Albumen) Powder 100g For small amounts of royal icing, perhaps if you just need enough to pipe a birthday message on a cake... 2/3 coffee mug of icing sugar Rounded teaspoonful of egg white powder Mix powders together and add e..
Brand: PME
Liquid Glucose 325g From PME for making Pastillage and sweets... ..
Glycerine 100g To keep royal icing soft add 2% of glycerine to your final weight of royal icing.  ..
Apply with a small brush. Support large pieces whilst drying. Use a thin coat on one side only. Less is very much more. ..